Promote mental health and wellbeing together as a learning community

The most effective approach to protecting mental health and wellbeing is one that involves the whole learning community.

Join more than 13,000 Be You Learning Communities and grow a mentally healthy generation together.

Find out how to engage educators, children, young people and families to help everyone achieve their best possible mental health.
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Your learning community, working as one

Be You brings your team together. Be You gives you what you need to build an Action Team. Get the support you need to involve everyone in mental wellbeing, from individual educators to families and the wider community.

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When the unexpected happens

Be You helps you prepare and respond. Be You has the tools and strategies to support learning communities prevent, prepare, respond and recover from critical incidents.

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Access a dedicated Be You Consultant

Be You provides ongoing support. Be You Consultants are mentors and advocates for your Action Team’s work. Your consultant is only ever an email, phone call or video conference away.

What Be You Learning Communities are saying

Having concrete tools and steps through Be You has really helped the centre offer support to families if they need it.

Kristy Newton 
Early learning educator

Be You is creating that sense of belonging for children.

Tegan Morgan 

We’ve been able to unpack Professional Learning resources so our staff can tie them into what’s happening around the school.

Emma Cornish-Giles 
Wellbeing Leader

How to sign up as a Be You Learning Community

Appoint an Action Team Leader

Appoint an Action Team Leader, who will begin to embed Be You in your school or service.

Register your Action Team Leader

Ensure your Action Team Leader is signed up as an individual, as this tells us which school or service you're from. 

Sign up your learning community

Now your Action Team Leader can use the form below to log in and register your school or service as a Be You Learning Community. Once done, we'll send you a warm welcome!
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